11-Year-Old Saudi Arabian Girl Under Investigation For “Immortality” After Dancing With Men

An 11-year-old Saudi Arabian girl has been blasted for “immorality” as an investigation probes her role in a “men-only” dance.

A video of an 11-year-old girl dancing at a mixed-gender festival has caused outrage in the strictly conservative kingdom in which public interaction between the sexes remains banned and punishable by police.

The girl appeared performing a traditional wedding dance in a bridal outfit and a full face of make-up in front of other people.

The girl is led to a stage by an older Saudi man and dance between a group of men in traditional dress. The local news reported that the man has been detained.

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The ‘offence’ has led to the event organiser reportedly being arrested and barred from planning future gatherings in the area which is in the port city of Jizan in the South West of the country.

According to the head of the Jizan province’s tourism board, Rustum al-Kobeissy, the scene was “not acceptable”.

Al-Kobeissy told The New Arab: “The man responsible has been suspended… because it is not acceptable for such appearances to take place in a conservative society.”

“The girl was only 11, but she is tall and was wearing [adult] clothes, so she appeared older.” he added.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman last year granted women the right to drive, but they are still under strict restrictions in almost every aspect of their lives.

Saudi commentator Mohammed al-Yahya tweeted that the video had “angered our religion and morals and Arab traditions”.

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