Only 12% Of Britons Think May’s Chequers Plan Would Be Good For UK; Poll
Theresa May faces a political crisis as poll shows voters are shifting to hard-right and saying Boris could do better as Prime Minister

Theresa May is facing an unprecedented political crisis as a poll showed voters oppose her Brexit plans and are prepared to turn to the hard right.

According to a YouGov poll for the Sunday Times, the public is unhappy with the Chequers Brexit deal and believes the former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, is better placed to negotiate with the EU and lead the Conservatives into the next election.

The survey found that only 16% of voters think the Prime Minister is handling Brexit well, compared to 34% who believe Mr Johnson, who quit two weeks ago, would do a better job in Downing Street.

In a further blow, only 11% of voters said they would support the PM’s Chequers vision for Brexit in a new referendum and just 12% think it would be good for the UK, while 43% disagree.

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Just one in 10 voters would pick the PM’s proposed Brexit plans if there was a second referendum, the poll revealed, and almost half think it will be bad for Britain.

The poll, which was conducted on July 19 and 20, found that 58% of Tory voters believe Ms May should fight on compared to 32% who would like her to step down.

Some 38% would vote for a new party on the right that was committed to Brexit, while 24% are would be prepared to support an explicitly far-right anti-immigrant, anti-Islam party.

“Voters are united on one point”, according to the paper, “they don’t like what they see”.

On Sunday, the new Brexit minister Dominic Raab said Ms May was still trying to persuade members of the cabinet that her strategy was the best way forward.

In an interview with the Sunday Express, David Davis, who quit in protest at the PM’s approach, warned that negotiations with the EU would remain deadlocked.

“We’re going to have to do a reset and come back and look at it all again,” Mr Davis said, “I think when we get to the autumn, if we are in the situation where we don’t have any degree of agreement, we’re going to have to start again.”

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