Daily Archive: Sunday, January 7, 2018

Theresa May Defends Toby Young Despite His “Misogyny And Homophobia” Tweets
The Prime Minister has supported the right-wing journalist and her controversial new university tsar Toby Young in spite of his sick joke about starving children on Comic Relief in 2009.

Despite mounting pressure to sack Young over a series of misogynistic and homophobic tweets, Theresa May praised his “good work” setting up free schools and said he’ll be given another chance. “Frankly I’m not at …

Donald Trump Struggles To Limit Free Speech As Wolff’s “Fire And Fury” Hits A Record Sale
After President Donald Trump has branded a new book Fire and Fury as a “fiction”, he hit out at “very weak” libel laws in the United States.

Trump said he would like to see tougher laws on speech added that if libel laws “were strong… you wouldn’t have things like that happen where you can say whatever comes into your head” while …

Ahead of Netanyahu’s visit; India Cancels $500 million Deal
After Indian Prime Minister, now it’s turn of his Israeli counterpart Netanyahu’s visit to India. However in a surprising move Indian Defence canceled anti-tank missiles deal worth of half Billion dollars.

At the same time, New Delhi promised to buy over 100 surface-to-air missiles. The Defence Ministry had taken the decision much earlier but the company was formally informed only last week, around the same time …