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Human Rights Groups Call For Huge Demonstration Amid Saudi Crown Prince’s UK Visit
UK ministers have turned a blind eye to Saudi Arabia's atrocious human rights record, barely mentioning the country's crackdown on peaceful opposition figures

Demonstration against “chief architect of brutal war in Yemen” outside Downing Street have been planned after the Prime Minister confirmed she will welcome Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to Britain. Mohammed bin Salman will begin …

China’s Xi set to become emperor of economic empire
President Xi Jinping of China could become the emperor of the country with the world’s largest population after the ruling Communist Party’s Central Committee on Sunday set the stage for him to stay in office indefinitely, with a proposal to remove a constitutional clause limiting presidential service to just two terms in office.

According to the Chinese constitution, the presidential term is limited to two five-year terms. Since the rule of Deng Xiaoping, the architect of the Chinese economic renaissance, the Communist Party restricted this post tenure to …

British Muslim groups censure Islamophobic speech of anti-terrorism police
Mark Rowley, Britain's top counter-terrorism officer has come under fire from Muslim community groups for claiming that they “create and exploit grievances and isolation”.

Rowley, in his outgoing speech as the national lead for counter-terrorism policing and an assistant commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, launched an extraordinary attack against Muslim community groups Cage and Mend, which he described as …

The UN Aid Was Being Exchanged For Sexual Services In Syria; Report
Women in refugee camps in Syria have been forced into having sex in return for food by men delivering aid for the United Nations and charities, a report says.

According to a new report, the men working on behalf of the UN and international charities for distributing food and other international aid in Syria, ask for sexual favours in return for food. Aid workers said …
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">The Spy Story Is Not An Embarrassment To Me, But Big Embarrassment To Papers Printed It: Jeremy Corbyn
“you have to meet them to understand what their position is and try and put forward your own view on peace, justice, and human rights. "

Jeremy Corbyn said Czechoslovakian Jan Sarkocy was one of many “diplomats” he met during Cold War, believing it is important for a member of parliament to meet people “you don’t agree with” in order to …