Daily Archive: Monday, February 12, 2018

UK And US Are Part Of All The Killing In Yemen By Selling Weapons To Saudi Arabia: Human Rights Activist
Crown Prince Mohammed bin, and Mohammed bin Zayed, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, to be tried at the International Criminal Court (ICC) for the “massacres” that have taken place in Yemen

Yemeni human rights activist has criticised British and the US for the current crisis in Yemen by exporting weapons to Saudi Arabia. Tawakkol Karman, the leader of the group “Women Journalists Without Chains,” has called on a number of …

John McDonnell: Better We Have A General Election Rather Than A Second Referendum
The shadow chancellor warned second EU referendum would “divide the country again”, and “those divisions are really still there”.

The shadow chancellor said another Brexit referendum would cause further divisions and described another general election as a “better route”. John McDonnell told Peston on Sunday that he would rather have another general election than a second EU referendum which …

Iranians parade ‘to disappoint enemies’ in Revolution anniversary
Iranians poured into streets in cities and towns across Iran to celebrate the nation's Islamic Revolution that put an end to the despotic rule of the US-backed Pahlavi regime on this day in 1979.

Each year, Iranians take to the streets to mark the historic day, which is a national holiday in Iran. However this year the massive turnout has a special meaning for the leadership as the rallies …