Daily Archive: Saturday, February 24, 2018

Stormzy’s “Grenfell Tower Inquiry” Petition Reached 100,000 Signatures
Grenfell Tower fire petition which called on the Prime Minister to take action to build trust in the Grenfell Tower inquiry has reached the milestone of 100,000 signatures, meaning MPs must consider debating the issue.

On Friday, the rapper Stormzy tweeted his support and asked his followers to sign the petition demanding Theresa May use her powers to appoint additional panel members to the independent public inquiry. Stormzy’s post retweeted almost …

HRW denounces civilian casualties in Turkey’s offensive on Northern Syria
Human Rights Watch (HRW) blamed on Friday Turkish government’s failure to take necessary measures to avoid civilian casualties in the country’s offensive against Syria’s northern region of Afrin.

The New York-based human rights group, in a statement, pointed to three attacks in the Syria’s mostly Kurdish-populated Afrin in late January that claimed lives of 26 civilians, including 17 children, and called on Ankara …