Daily Archive: Saturday, March 10, 2018

Jeremy Corbyn Denounces Bullying At Westminster As “Nasty” And “Abuse Of Power”
a large number of staff members, women, in particular, feel they have no protection from the small minority of MPs who might harass, bully or wish to take advantage of them.

Labour Leader has condemned bullying at Westminster as “an abuse of power” by the manager or employer and called for allegations to be independently investigated. The comments came after the Speaker of the House of Commons …

Theresa May Whitewashes Saudis’ Reputation And Role In Yemen, It Is A National Disgrace: Shadow Secretary
The agreement “made a mockery” of the UK’s reputation as a global leader in delivering humanitarian aid.

Britain’s biggest arms manufacturer, BAE Systems, is set to sell 48 new Typhoon jets to Saudi Arabia, despite Right Groups accusing Saudis of war crimes in Yemen. Kate Osamor, the shadow international development secretary, said …
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">US-led NATO starts Europe’s biggest artillery drill amid Russian concerns
US troops joined with 25 other countries to take part in a 3,700-strong drill that has been billed as Europe’s "largest artillery exercise" since the end of the Cold War.

NATO’s Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, American 1st Infantry Division and German 10th Armored Division, as well as live batteries and close-air support from the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Poland, the United Kingdom and the US …

The Solidarity Association aims to bring together Palestinian supporters around the world
With the approaching time of 'The Fourth Global Convention of Solidarity with Palestine,' various media outlets met the General coordinator of this campaign Sheikh Yousef Abbas to discuss the role of the movement and its goals.

He stated that the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine is actually a bridge between the friendly and justice seeking institutions who believe in the veracity of the Palestinian issue. According to Yousef Abbas, despite recent developments in …