Daily Archive: Monday, March 12, 2018

Theresa May Faces Calls To Return Million Dollars Of Russian Donations
Theresa May is under pressure to return millions of dollars given by Russian oligarchs and their lobbyists to the Tories.

Since she became British Prime Minister 18 months ago, Russian oligarchs and their associates have registered donations of more than £820,000 to her ruling Conservative Party. Sunday Times newspaper revealed that although Mrs May promised that …

Myanmar Builds Military Bases On Razed Villages Of 700,000 Rohingya Muslims: Amnesty
This makes the voluntary, safe and dignified return of Rohingya refugees an even more distant prospect

Myanmar government is building military bases on top of razed Rohingya villages of nearly 700,000 Rohingya Muslims who fled the country in 2017, Amnesty International said on Monday, citing new evidence from satellite imagery. After …

Social inequality in Israel reaching point of no return
Recent studies conducted by Israeli research centers paint a grim picture of the level of social inequalities in the occupied territories, with one study even going as far as to warn that the writing is on the wall for the regime.

For years Israeli leaders have warned of the outside threats that may put their regime to an end. They have spent billions of dollars shoring up their military prowess just to instill the feeling of …
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">Recent social controversies signal Israel afraid of its own shadow
The recent pushes in Israel to deport African migrants as well as the call from its justice minister to "safeguard a Jewish majority even at the expense of human rights" are all indicative of a system that cannot even trust its own people.

Around 20,000 Israelis and African migrants took to the streets in Tel Aviv on February 24, protesting against the government policy of detaining and deporting African asylum seekers who refuse to leave the country. A …