Daily Archive: Friday, May 11, 2018

Why Syria has the right to retaliate Israel’s intervention
Lack of response from Tehran implies either that the Revolutionary Guards' al Quds force operated without the administration's knowledge – or that Tehran is indeed taking its promised revenge

Tensions between arch enemies Israel and Iran are soaring after the biggest Israeli intervention in Syria to date, a retaliation for what it said was the first ever direct fire on its troops from Iranian forces. At least 23 soldiers are …

The Telegraph just paid a big price for one of its most toxic anti-Corbyn smears
The Sunday Telegraph has paid a big price for one of its most toxic anti-Corbyn smears. A court has ruled that the media outlet published a defamatory article about a mosque leader, who claims it was also an attempt to “damage the reputation” of the Labour leader.

As a result, the Telegraph has removed the article. It has also agreed to pay “substantial damages” to Mohammed Kozbar. Smears Kozbar is the general secretary of Finsbury Park mosque. And the Sunday Telegraph published an article about him titled Corbyn …