Daily Archive: Tuesday, May 29, 2018

This brutal interview with a government minister should be the new normal
Politicians are known for going out of their way to avoid answering questions. But one interviewer has now taken a stand against this. Because Richard Madeley, interviewing Gavin Williamson, opted to end an interview rather than listen to any more deflections.

Interview terminated Madeley was questioning Williamson about his response to the Salisbury poisoning case. Specifically, he wanted to know if Williamson – the defence secretary – regretted telling Russia to “go away and shut up”. Williamson responded …

Boat Carrying Wounded Palestinians Breaks Gaza Blockade, Gets Towed To Israel
alestinian boats carrying people wounded in recent demonstrations in the Gaza Strip have been intercepted by Israeli naval vessels during a desperate effort to break the blockade of the coastal territory.

The main boat in the flotilla is carrying around 20 passengers, accompanied by several smaller vessels, AFP reported. Passengers include students wishing to study abroad, those wounded in recent protests in the Gaza Strip and patients suffering from long-term …