Daily Archive: Monday, June 11, 2018

Anti-Muslim protester gives a ‘Heil Hitler’ Nazi salute — and then cries about ‘abuse’ while being detained by police
During a demonstration in support of jailed anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson, a protester was filmed giving a “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute — only to be caught on film crying while police arrested and handcuffed him.

“Mom, I’m so sorry!” the Robinson supporter was heard yelling as London police arrested him during the weekend demonstration at the city’s famous Trafalgar Square. “Why am I being abused?” the Robinson supporter, seen wearing …

Netanyahu’s ridiculous allegation against Iran, Netanyahu claimed to help the lack of water in Iran
Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Israel fake regime, has announced in a video message to the Iranian people to launch a website in Persian for training in coping with the water crisis.

In this video message, he said, “Israel supports the people of Iran, so it wants to help rescue a large number of Iranian people.” “About 96 percent of Iran’s regions suffer from some degree of …

Sadiq Khan Slams Theresa May’s “Chaotic And Inhumane” Response To Grenfell Tower’s Survivors
Sadiq Khan has criticised Theresa May’s “inconsistent, chaotic and inhumane” response to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire.

In his letter to Downing Street, the London Mayor said: “As the families who lost relatives, friends and neighbours embark on the inquiry and attempt to rebuild their lives, they need to know that their …