Daily Archive: Monday, June 18, 2018

Theresa May Accepted £3,000 In Donations From Ex-Russian Defence Chief A Fortnight After Salisbury Attack
The UK Prime Minister has accepted more than £200,000 in donations from a former Russian defence chief since becoming PM.

While Theresa May promised to distance herself from Moscow-linked donors when she took office, in the 23 months since then, the Tories have pocketed £201,000 from Alexander Temerko, an ex-chairman of an agency in the …

Le Figaro revealed: French special forces on the ground in Yemen
French special forces are present on the ground in Yemen with forces from the United Arab Emirates, French newspaper Le Figaro reported on Saturday, citing two military sources.

The newspaper gave no further information about their activities. The Defence Ministry was not immediately available for comment, but its usual policy is not to comment on special forces’ operations. A French parliamentary source recently …