Daily Archive: Sunday, July 1, 2018

Tens Of Thousands Protesters Call For Theresa May’s Resignation Ahead Of NHS 70th Anniversary
Tens of thousands have marched through central London Saturday to mark the NHS’s 70th anniversary and demand greater funding for the health service.

Politicians, Nurses, doctors, actors, and musicians also joined the demonstrators stopped outside Downing Street to demand the Prime Minister’s resignation. “the NHS needs saving, don’t let them break it”, protesters carrying placards and banners reading “Standing …

Belgium withdraws licenses to export arms to Saudi Arabia
The Belgian State Council has temporarily withdrawn 8 licenses to export arms to Saudi Arabia from the leading military industry company “FN Herstal”, the Belga official agency reported Saturday.

The decision of the judiciary in the Belgian Kingdom was based on the fact that the authorities in the province of Wallonia (the French-speaking region of Belgium), which issued the company’s export license, did not …