Daily Archive: Thursday, July 5, 2018

Barack Obama Labelled Boris Johnson “The British Version Of Donald Trump”
Obama said that Johnson “is their Trump” to which deputy his national security advisor have responded: “With better hair.”

Former president Barack Obama has labelled Boris Johnson the “British version of Donald Trump” after he became riled by the Foreign Secretary’s “racially-tinged” “Part-Kenyan ancestry” remark about him during the EU referendum campaign. According to …

US-Israeli plan to increase inside pressure on Iran
An Israeli official claimed the task force is not meant to topple the Iranian government as “no one thinks” that can be done, Israel’s Channel 10 news reported Tuesday without identifying the source.

Rather, the official said, the task force is aimed at exerting pressure on the Iranian government from the inside to force the authorities in Tehran to “change their behavior.” According to the report, the task …