Over 300 British ISIS terrorists hiding in Turkey
Over 300 ISIS terrorist group fighters who hold British citizenship are hiding in Turkey, a security source has revealed, heightening fears of an increased threat of terrorist attacks on European soil.

Ciwan Xhalil, a Syrian Kurdish intelligence officer who collaborates with western intelligence agencies over foreign ISIS fighters, told The Times of London that most British ISIS fighters had fled Syria and gone to Turkey.

“The exodus began after Mosul [in Iraq] fell and continued after [ISIS] lost Raqqa. We have lots of French in our jails and scores of other nationals but we think most of the British have escaped,” he said.

British and European security services have long been worried about the exodus of foreign nationals from Iraq and Syria and their return to their home countries. Officials say the flow back to the continent has been slower than anticipated, but that does not mean they will not return eventually.

ISIS has lost the majority of the territory that it held after its fighters swept across Syria and Iraq in 2014 to create a so-called caliphate. Iraqi and Syrian ground forces, backed by local and regional allies including Russian Air force and Iranian military advisors launched successful operation against the foreign-backed Takfiris positions and liberated all territories occupied by the group

Around 900 British nationals traveled to Iraq and Syria to fight for ISIS, according to estimates, but only half of those have returned. More than 100 British ISIS fighters were killed battling in the group’s ranks.

British security sources said getting from Turkey to the UK unnoticed would be extremely hard for those on their watch list. However, sources said this week these fighters could carry out attacks in Europe.

While only three of the 40 attacks in Europe since 2015 have involved foreign terrorist fighters returning from Syria and Iraq, those three incidents led to more than half the total fatalities.

Early September, the European Union’s top terror official Gilles de-Kerchove warned that Britain was home to up to 25,000 Takfiri extremists who could pose a terrorist threat to the country and the rest of Europe.


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