50 Conservative MPs Have Accepted £320,000 From Saudi Arabia On Free Trips To The Kingdom; Report

According to I News report, Saudi Arabia has paid £320,000 for 50 Conservative and six Labour MPs to visit the kingdom since 2010.

Among the leaked names, Cabinet Officer Minister David Lidington and Leo Docherty, MP for Aldershot in Hampshire are officials who have accepted free trips. Mr Lidington’s trip to meet Saudi political leaders cost £3,405.

According to the Daily Mirror, Simon Hoare’s 2015 visit cost £3,187. The North Dorset MP made a second trip to meet Saudi king, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, to the tune of £7,800.

The Aldershot MP, Mr Docherty, has visited Saudi Arabia twice at a cost of £16,057, where he met with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. In a speech, he later expressed approval of the “tremendous stability in a very turbulent region”.

“This list of shame shows just how cosy the Tories are with the Saudi regime and helps explain why they’re so reluctant to speak out about human rights abuses and the war in Yemen.” Shadow Cabinet Office Minister Jon Trickett told reporters on Monday.

A Conservative Party spokesman said: “All visits have been declared and registered in accordance with Parliamentary rules.”

Labour MPs have enjoyed trips to the kingdom at a cost of £50,000 before losing powers to Tories in 2010. Now the number have significantly increased to £320,000 since Tories took office.

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