Activists Challenging Illegal Israeli Blockade Were Violently Beaten And Tasered

According a personal testimony from the Founding trustee of Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) Dr Swee Ang on board the Al-Awda boat sailing to break the illegal Israeli blockade of the Gaza Strip, heavily armed Israeli soldiers Israeli forces commandeered the vessel and violently treated the unarmed activists.

Dr Ang explained that After boarding Al-Awda, occupation forces were “twisting the arms of the participants”, “lifting” and “throwing” others out of their way and tasering those they could not manhandle.

Dr Ang also recounted how soldiers throw the captain of the Al-Awda against the wall of the wheelhouse and punching his chest. She said the captain was left severely beaten.

The ship was taken over by Israeli forces on 29 July, after it was surrounded by them and had its crew detained.

“If we were Palestinians, it would be much worse with physical assaults and probably loss of lives. The situation is therefore dire for the Palestinians.” She said.

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