Additional 8,000 Children Become Homeless in UK Since Last Year: Charity Shelter
140 families become homeless every day in UK

A new research shows the number of British children spending Christmas in temporary accommodation is up 7 per cent on last year, raised to an additional 8,000 children.

The housing charity Shelter estimated some 128,000 children are living in temporary accommodation, with a single room for the whole family and no kitchen. The charity reported that 140 British families become homeless every day which is “a national scandal”.

During the last year, more than 5,000 homeless EU citizens were deported from Britain with an increase of 14 per cent just in the last year.

The Shelter shows that one in every 111 children is currently homeless in the UK. A 17-year-old girl told the researchers that her parents and three siblings lived in one room for four months.

“Three people sleep in the double bed with one person at the bottom and two people at the top,”

“And in the single bed, there’s my brother and I top and tail. My brother kicks. My mum talks in her sleep. So it’s not good sleep.”

According to the Homeless Link charity, some 100,000 families are living in temporary accommodation in the UK.

Recent government figures revealed the number of people sleeping rough in the UK on any one night has doubled since 2010 by increasing 30 per cent in the last year. They estimated 3,569 people now sleeping on the streets of England.

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The charities described the figures as “scandalous” and “shocking” and asked the government to promote a new national rough sleepers’ strategy.

The figures also show the number of people with psychological turmoil sleeping rough has tripled in London from 711 people in 2009-10 to 2,343, in 2014-15.

The charity estimated three-quarters of parents believe their children’s mental health had been seriously affected by living in the accommodations. One mother said her 13-year-old daughter had become suicidal since living in the hostel.

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