AIPAC 2018: Nicki Haley Says America Did Not Make Jerusalem Israel’s Capital
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nicki Haley has said Jerusalem being capital of Israel is “fact not created by location of embassy or American decision”.

Speaking at the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) 2018 Policy Conference Monday night, Haley said “Jerusalem was, is and will always be the capital of Israel. That’s a fact.”

“This was not something that was created by the location of embassy,” the ambassador continued: “This is not something that was created by an American decision. America did not make Jerusalem Israel’s capital.”

“What President Trump did, to his great credit, was recognize a reality that American presidents had denied for too long. Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. That’s a fact. And President Trump had the courage to recognize that fact when others would not.”

She added: “Sometime in the future, the day will come when the whole world recognizes that fact.”

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Haley admired Israel as a strong country with a strong military and claimed that Israel does get bullied at the UN because “the countries that don’t like Israel get away with it”.

The United States Vice President Pence then took to the stage to address the AIPAC conference: “America stands with Israel—today, tomorrow and always, because we believe in right over wrong, in good over evil, in liberty over tyranny.”

The US President also said his controversial decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a “wonderful thing”.

During a meeting with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump said “I think it’s something that’s very much appreciated in Israel,” adding that US-Israel relations have “never been better”.

The US president also suggested that he might travel to Israel for the new embassy opening, which is planned for May, a move which will further aggravate the Palestinians and Arab relation.

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