Almost 360 British ISIS Fighters Were Not Put On Trial And Are Free To Roam UK
Only 40 of the 400 British ISIS fighters who fought in Syria and Iraq for the terrorist group have been prosecuted on their return to the UK.

The security minister Ben Wallace, in a Commons debate on new counter-terrorism and security proposals, disclosed that only one in ten British ISIS have been prosecuted for “direct action they’ve carried out in Syria” and at least 360 of those fighters are being allowed to go free because there is too little evidence to convict them.

John Woodcock, Barrow and Furness MP had pressed for the release of the figures and told the Commons: “So, only one tenth of people have been successfully prosecuted,” adding, “It’s no wonder the Government tried to keep secret that it has only managed to prosecute one in ten of the British ISIS fighters returning from Syria.”

The Labour MP also warned that if other fighters who returned to the UK have been over to Iraq and Syria and if they have been aiding ISIS in whatever form and they are British citizens, “they have been aiding enemies of the British state.”

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Woodcock, a member of the Home Affairs select committee, said the low prosecution rate showed ‘how urgently we need to toughen our terror laws’. He also believed it should be made illegal to travel to terror hotspots without a good excuse.

About 850 Britons are estimated to have travelled to Syria or Iraq to fight for terrorist groups and at least 15 per cent of them are thought to be dead.

After the ISIS caliphate has been destroyed, security chiefs are worried the rest could return to the UK and are yet to agree on what to do with those fighters.

Major Andy Witherell, the battalion’s second in command, told the Mail that one of the concerns police and security services seem to have is “people who have combat experience in Iraq and Syria returning to the UK.”

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