Anti-Muslim protester gives a ‘Heil Hitler’ Nazi salute — and then cries about ‘abuse’ while being detained by police
During a demonstration in support of jailed anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson, a protester was filmed giving a “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute — only to be caught on film crying while police arrested and handcuffed him.

“Mom, I’m so sorry!” the Robinson supporter was heard yelling as London police arrested him during the weekend demonstration at the city’s famous Trafalgar Square.

“Why am I being abused?” the Robinson supporter, seen wearing a white polo shirt, screamed. Later, he was heard moaning and yelling “what have I done, officers?”

Robinson — a pseudonym for Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, founder of the anti-Islam group English Defense League — has had repeated brushes with the law. In late May, he began a 13-month sentence for contempt of court after filming a Facebook Live video outside the chambers of an ongoing trial, which violated British court reporting laws.

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