Boris Johnson Mocked By Labour Leader For Complaining About Closure Of Police Station Made Under The Tories

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn mocked Boris Johnson for complaining about the closure of a London police station which he believed was shut down under a policy of mayor Sadiq Khan but in fact was a policy Johnson himself introduced when mayor of the city.

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The foreign secretary sent a tweet on November 2 in which he attacked the closure of a police station in his constituency.

Labour leader told Theresa May that following the tweets from some of her cabinet members, he offers an explanation as to why the police station had been shut. He said:

“I’ve been following some of the tweets from some of her friends on the front bench over there and one quote says: ‘I’m very disappointed any mystified at Uxbridge police station’,”

Corbyn laughed at in Commons when he highlighted Johnson’s comment and said: “The real reason is that its closing because of a £2.3bn cut from police budgets in the last parliament. And it gets worse. They are going to be cut by another £700m by 2020,”.

“Crime is up, violent crime is up and police numbers are down by 20,000.”

Ms Theresa May defended Johnson and replied: “He might not have noticed but the police and crime commissioner in London is the mayor. The last time I looked Sadiq Khan was a Labour mayor.”

65 police stations across London were earmarked for closure, leaving just one publicly-accessible station in each borough.

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