Boris Johnson’s Facebook Page Filled With Islamophobic Messages, Boosting His ‘Burqa’ Comment

Former foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s official Facebook page is host to hundreds of Islamophobic messages, a newspaper found.

An investigation into online abuse by The Sunday Times had revealed calls to ban Islam, deport Muslims and “vile attacks” on London mayor Sadiq Khan.

It comes after Johnson mocked Muslim women for wearing the burqa, saying they look like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers” in an article he wrote for The Daily Telegraph. All of the racist comments also appear under posts promoting his article.

A Facebook follower has admired Johnson for having the “bottle to start getting rid of these bloody Muslims,” while other posts called for “no Muslims in government, police or army”.

“That’s crazy to trust them. They are just waiting for the Jihad sign to turn on us. #islamophobicandproud.” another follower wrote.

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“Thanks for your courage in speaking out against the burka.” another one wrote, “If people don’t unite, and we don’t have a Trump style leader, Britain is finished. WE CANNOT HAVE A MUSLIM HOME SECRETARY AND MAYOR. (sic)”

The other one reads: “Come on Boris, you had the bottle to start getting rid of these bloody Muslims, just like Enoch [Powell] wanted to rid us of all yer bloody c**ns.”

A source close to Johnson said he “totally condemns” the “hateful” views posted by a small minority on his Facebook page.

“However it is ridiculous to attack Mr Johnson for comments made by individuals on social media when even the official website and Facebook page of the Times and Sunday Times host racist and Islamophobic messages from page visitors.”

Despite calls from different MPs within his own party and other groups, the former foreign secretary has refused to apologise for his controversial article as his followers claimed Johnson’s words were not Islamophobic so, he would not be apologising.

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