“Britain Becomes An Old People’s Home After Brexit”: Theresa May’s Policy Head Says

The chief of Theresa May’s policy forum, George Freeman has warned that Brexit could turn Britain into an “old people’s home that can’t pay for itself”.

Conservative MP sketched out a post-Brexit of UK and predicted that young people would leave the country when the economy and job prospects look better overseas.

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Freeman said the UK could face economic decline and the fact that Brexit could be the moment the UK fails as a great nation. MP said that he sees as “a very real prospect” and it chills him to the bone. He added:

“The young people could desert Britain and Brexit may be the moment we finally failed as a great nation.”

Freeman’s gloomy prediction angered his Brexiteer colleagues who claimed Britain is in line for a huge economic boost if it takes advantage of leaving the EU.

Mp Freeman who backed Remain in last year’s referendum emphasized that Britain will face a “generation-defining choice” between managed decline or national renewal. He said:

“It is an extreme choice but I think that is the choice we face as a country and the question whether we as a generation rise to it and grip it.”

Freeman added:

“People got up and left. We pulled out of Europe and became isolated, small, insular, old, ageing economy. We became an old people’s home that couldn’t pay for itself.”

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