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Oliver North To Save National Rifle Association From Financial Catastrophe By Selling Arms To Iran
“Iran needs weapons, and, Lord knows, we have a lot of weapons lying around,” NRA President said, “This is the definition of a win-win.”

NRA President Oliver North announced Sunday his plan to sell arms to Iran to save the National Rifle Association from financial catastrophe. Asserting that “heroic measures” were needed to save the National Rifle Association from …

‘Trump Chicken’ Dressed As A Prisoner Set Sail Around San Francisco Coast
Remember the giant orange baby Trump blimp that flew over London during his visit? Well, now there's another - but this time he's a chicken in a prison suit.

The 33-foot inflatable blimp shows Donald Trump as a huge chicken wearing a black-and-white outfit labelled Prisoner 45, which refers to Trump being the United States’ 45th president. The chicken’s creators plan to sail the …