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New Poll: 43% of Republicans Want to Give Trump the Power to Shut Down Media
The “enemy of the people” talk is working. A plurality of self-identified Republicans say they want Trump to have the power to take “bad” media outlets out.

Freedom of the press may be guaranteed in the Constitution. But a plurality of Republicans want to give President Trump the authority to close down certain news outlets, according to a new public opinion survey conducted …

‘God Is Burning Down California’: US Pastor Blames Wildfires On Gay People
A US pastor with a history of making inflammatory and offensive anti-LGBT+ comments has blamed the wildfires in California on gay people.

Kevin Swanson has decided to shun science and evidence-based hypothesis linking wildfires to climate change, and insists that instead the raging fires are God’s punishment for the state’s pro-LGBT+ stance. He makes these claims in …