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">Ben Bradley Deletes ‘Spy’ Tweet About Jeremy Corbyn After Labour Leader Threatens Legal Action
Tory MP deletes tweet saying Jeremy Corbyn sold British secrets to "Communist spies".

Tory’s vice-chairman, Ben Bradley, has deleted a tweet claiming that the Labour Leader sold British secrets to “Communist spies” after Jeremy Corbyn said he would take legal action against him. Corbyn’s spokesman said he had instructed …

Labour Expels Anti-Zionist Activist Tony Greenstein Over Offensive Online Comments
An anti-Zionist activist Tony Greenstein has been expelled from the Labour Party over allegations of antisemitism.

Greenstein’s membership was suspended in March 2016 and a disciplinary hearing into his conduct was delayed until January for health reasons. Finally, on Sunday, he had his membership revoked for three breaches of the Labour …

Released Memo Of Rightwing Groups Unveils “Shadow Trade Talks” For Importing Banned Products In Post-Brexit Britain
A transatlantic group of conservative think tanks has accidentally published its secret unprecedented drive for effecting US-UK trade negotiations.

Founders of “shadow trade talks”, which are set to include 10 leading rightwing and libertarian groups from the UK and the US, plan to form an “unprecedented” coalition which will call for Britain to ditch …

Polish Prime Minister: Jews Were Also Perpetrators Of The Holocaust
Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said Saturday that there were “Jewish perpetrators” in the Holocaust, as well as Poles and others.

At the Munich Security Conference, the PM said it won’t be punishable to say that there were Polish perpetrators under a controversial new law in the country outlawing public statements that falsely and intentionally attribute Nazi crimes …

Labour Told Gavin Williamson To “Focus On His Job” Rather Than Giving Credence To “False And Ridiculous Smears”
Labour Leader has criticised Tory Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson comparing “smears” against him to the “lies” that inspired mosque killer Darren Osborne.

Last week, Williamson claimed that Jeremy Corbyn had unwittingly met a Czech spy posing as a diplomat in the 1980s which he said was a “betrayal of this country”. He also said Corbyn had “never had Britain’s …

“This Should Never Have Happened”; Jeremy Corbyn Laid Flowers & Card For Homeless Man Who Died Near Parliament
Labour Leader has laid personal flowers and a card where a homeless man died while sleeping rough just metres from the Houses of Parliament.

A handwritten card signed by Jeremy Corbyn was found near the station entrance, read: “This should never have happened. As a country, we must stop walking by. Rest in peace.” The rough sleeper, who has …