Celebrities Break Silence And Condemn Israel’s Abuse Of Palestinians
Former British football star Gary Lineker retweeted Monday a video of Israel’s soldiers abusing Palestinian children

The sports broadcaster just wrote one word “Sickening” which was quickly spread among his seven million followers.

The video was first published by an Israeli Human Rights group B’Tselem this week which reveals how Israeli soldiers mistreating unarmed Palestinian children in the occupied West Bank.

A former Israeli spokesperson, Peter Lerner responded to Lineker saying that “you’ve completely missed the point.” He said when kids throw stones they are a public menace and “they need to be stopped,”.

Lineker referred to a violence scene in the video in which several handcuffed boys appear to be confined inside a wire box, “They should be stuffed into a small cage?” Lineker asked.

Earlier in 2015, the football star also came under attack when he tweeted about Israeli abuses of Palestinians.

Following US recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, supermodel Bella Hadid posted on Instagram saying: “Watching the news and seeing the pain of the Palestinian people makes me cry for the many many generations of Palestine.”. She also joined a protest in London organized by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Other celebrities including the actors Tilda Swinton and Mark Ruffalo; musicians Roger Waters, Peter Gabriel and Brian Eno; and designer Vivienne Westwood were among more than 100 artists who condemned Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem and used their fame to bring attention to Palestinians.

The Guardian published a letter in which the artists said: “Trump seeks to achieve through a declaration what Israel has been trying to do for 50 years through force of arms: to erase Palestinians, as a political and cultural presence, from the life of their own city.”

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Another actress Alia Shawkat tweeted saying that the Jerusalem is sacred and Trump’s decision will not be overlooked. “Palestine will not be forgotten.” She added the hashtag #BDS – boycott, divestment, and sanctions.

Shawkat also retweeted a viral photo of Palestinian child Fawzi al-Juneidi blindfolded and surrounded by a dozen armed Israeli troops. She also called for a protest outside the White House.

Bette Midler, an American comedian hit the president in Twitter with a satirical cartoon in which Trump is informed by his aide that “The Palestinians have just recognized Dallas, Texas, as the capital of Mexico.”

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