Channel 4 Did What Millions Would Love To Do: Telling Piers Morgan To “Go F*** Himself”

Today, in a rare reaction, Channel 4’s official twitter account has said something that millions of people around the world would love to say: it told Piers Morgan to “go f*** himself”.

In a fiery tweet, the pioneering TV channel didn’t hold back in letting one of Britain’s most loathed man know how it feels.

But the tweet does have a back story. The response appears to be connected with Channel 4’s “Stand Up To Cancer” campaign.

On its website, Channel 4 states that a £50 donation to the campaign, they’ll insult Morgan. So, as well as entertainment, there’s a good cause, too. It truly is a win-win situation.

After the tweet, Twitter erupted with reactions as the channel has said what so many people would love to.

Morgan has not respond yet, but considering it’s for such a good cause, he’ll take the joke on the chin.

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