Conservative’s Vice-Chairman Admits That Labour Is The Party Of Hope For Britons
Chris Skidmore said the threat of socialism has never been closer to the doorstep of government.

Chris Skidmore, the Conservative Party’s vice-chairman for policy has admitted that Jeremy Corbyn has positioned Labour as the “party of hope” and the Tories must set out a “positive vision of the future” in order to claim the title for themselves.

Skidmore said the threat of socialism has never been closer to the doorstep of government. The party’s vice-chairman noted that Brexit offers the Conservatives an opportunity for “renewal” amid a looming “threat of socialism”.

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He also warned that the answer to “combating this threat” is not simply to highlight it but to set out a “positive vision” and formulate policies “that will resonate with the electorate, demonstrating that we are on their side”.

“We need to recognise that Jeremy Corbyn’s success in 2017 came not simply because he was offering tuition fees for free, or the wide-ranging, unfunded spending commitments across all public services: people voted Labour not only out of protest but because they wanted hope.” Skidmore said.

Skidmore, former Cabinet Office minister, wrote in the Telegraph that he will concentrate on “innovative ideas” which are being put forward by younger Tory MPs “ensuring that we listen carefully and engage across the country, not simply across Westminster”.

His comments come after concerns were raised by senior MPs and ministers that the Tories are losing a battle of ideas against Labour as the party and the Prime Minister continue to focus on Brexit issues and ignore problems such as the housing crisis and broken energy market.

A new poll by Survation found that the people believe public services are at breaking point, infrastructure is creaking and there is no Government plan to create jobs. The poll revealed voters think the Government’s cuts have gone too far.

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