Corbyn Accuses May’s Government Of “Negligence” In PMQs
Jeremy Corbyn accused the Government of being “deeply negligent” in a heated exchange over the collapse of Carillion as he urged Theresa May to end the “costly racket” of private companies running services for the public.

In this week’s Prime Minister’s Questions, the Labour leader asked Mrs May to explain why her government awarded contracts to the in-crisis construction company decide repeated profit warnings.

“It [the government] did so even after the share price was in freefall and the company issues profit warnings. Why did the government do that?” Mr Corbyn asked.

“It looks like the government was handing Carillion public contracts either to keep the company afloat which hasn’t worked or was just deeply negligent to the crisis coming down the line,” he added.

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The PM hit back saying that if the government had backed out of dealing with Carillion it would have made the situation worse saying: “That would be the best way to ensure that companies failed and jobs were lost.”

Mr Corbyn said that the collapse of the firm which employs 20,000 people is not an “isolated case” of negligence and failure.

“It’s a broken system.” the Leader added:

“Virgin and Stagecoach can spectacularly mismanage the East Coast main line and be let off £2billion payment.”

“Capita and Atos can continue to wreck the lives of through damaging disability assessments of many people with disabilities and win more government-funded contracts.”

The construction firm which was one of the government’s biggest contractors, plunged into liquidation on Monday, threatening 20,000 jobs and leaving the taxpayer on the hook for reputed hundreds of millions of pounds. The firm racked up £1.5bn of debts and liabilities.

The prime minister defended the government by saying: “Actually, we see that the Labour-run Welsh government issued a contract after the profit warning last July and only last week in the public sector a public sector body announced that Carillion was their preferred bidder.”

Mr Corbyn replied: “Leeds have not signed a contract with Carillion. It’s the government’s responsibility to make sure Carillion is properly managed.”

“We need our public services provided by public employers, with a have a public service ethos with strong public oversight.”

“As the ruins… lie around her, will the prime minister act to address the costly racket of Carillion and other companies?”

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