Corbyn Felt Sorry For PM After Her Battles Against Sore Throat And Prankster In Conference Speech

Jeremy Corbyn said he felt sorry for the prime minister and those around her after the Conservative party conference speech in Manchester was spoiled by a comedian and her croaky voice.

The Labour leader said he had not watched Mrs May’s speech in full because he was cycling through Norfolk at the time with his wife.

“My wife picked bits and pieces on her phone and told me about it”. Mr Corbyn said.

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When asked whether he felt sorry for the Prime Minister, he responded to British GQ magazine: “Yes, because it is a big gig, as you might imagine.”

“you actually begin to feel sorry for those around her.”

Mr Corbyn added: “what you realise is that it’s a huge amount of effort put in by your team.”

Theresa May’s speech at the October conference was interrupted by a prankster with a mock P45 form, a persistent cough, and letters falling off the slogan written on the backdrop behind her.

Later, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said the annual conference was meant to be about restoring Theresa May’s authority, it may prove instead to have been further undermined.

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