Corbyn Could Be Prime Minister If He Clarifies His Position On Brexit; New Poll Says
Jeremy Corbyn’s target voters would back second Brexit referendum

Four million Britons are considering voting Labour Party at the next election if Jeremy Corbyn comes clearer on his Brexit position, a new poll finds.

According to The YouGov/Sunday Mirror survey of 10,000 people, if the Labour Leader clarifies his party’s position, it will convince voters to support him at the next election.

The survey found that 59 per cent of Labour’s target voters(seven in 10), who do not support the party now but say they “might” or “would seriously consider” it, back a second referendum.

Pollster Peter Kellner said: “These people don’t support Labour now,” added, “But they ‘would seriously’ or ‘might’ consider voting Labour at the next General Election.”

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Labour Leader has repeatedly said his party would not back a second referendum, although the party’s frontbenchers have been recently split on the issue.

A former survey conducted on January revealed that almost three quarters of Labour Party members back a second referendum and closely nine out of ten want to remain in the single market.

Last week, Labour’s shadow trade secretary Barry Gardiner said that Labour should oppose the second referendum and follow Brexit regardless of the risk of a no deal or a bad deal, insisting that they have to “respect the people’s vote” to leave the EU. On the other hand, Labour’s shadow Brexit secretary argued that a second referendum should remain “on the table”’.

Corbyn’s current Brexit policy is to stay in a customs union with the EU and negotiate a close single market relationship with the bloc after the UK has left, but it does not support a second referendum.

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