Corbyn Urges The PM: Face Up To The Reality And Take Action To Save The NHS
Even the absent Foreign Secretary recognises NHS crisis, but the Prime Minister isn’t listening, Mr Corbyn said.

Labour leader has accused Theresa May of being “frankly in denial about the state of the NHS” as he seized on Boris Johnson’s comments to challenge the PM on health funding at Prime Minister’s questions.

Jeremy Corbyn said even the foreign secretary Boris Johnson gets the scale of the crisis as the pair clashed furiously over the performance of the health service this winter.

Mr Corbyn said the NHS faced “death by a thousand cuts” while the PM insisted the health service was better prepared than ever for the winter.

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The Leader began the PMQs by referencing reports that the foreign secretary had planned to demand the government for an extra £100million-a-week for the NHS, a similar amount of Labour’s offer.

However, the PM said in the House of Commons: “We are putting more money into the NHS year in, year out.”

Then, Mr Corbyn referenced the PM’s claim about the health service being well-prepared for winter, noting a letter from senior A&E doctors to her expressing “very serious concerns” about patient safety.

The Leader asked: “They say patients being treated in corridors are dying prematurely. Who should the public believe – the Prime Minister or A&E doctors?”

Mrs May replied: “It is right that the NHS was better prepared this winter than it ever has been before,” while, 55,000 operations being postponed and 100,000 people waiting more than half an hour in the back of ambulances.

“There are winter pressures – we were prepared for those winter pressures”, she declared.

Mr Corbyn said one man reportedly froze to death waiting 16 hours for an ambulance. Another, a 93-year-old dad of a friend of Labour supporter Chris, waited four hours for an ambulance after a fall.

He said: “These are not isolated cases, these are common parlance all over the country.” adding: “It needs money, it needs support and it needs it now.”

“The Prime Minister is frankly in denial about the state of the NHS.”

“Even the absent Foreign Secretary recognises it – but the Prime Minister isn’t listening.”

“People using the NHS can see from their own experience it’s being starved of resources.”

“GP numbers are down, nurses are leaving, the NHS is in crisis.”

“Tory MPs may not like it, but I ask this question to the Prime Minister.”

“When is she going to face up to the reality and take action to save the NHS from death by a thousand cuts?”


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