DUP MP: Theresa May Is Hated By Many Within Her Own Party
A senior DUP figure has claimed that many conservative MPs hate the Prime Minister and she is “very resilient having to face all that”.

During an interview with Politico, Samuel Wilson, a politician from Northern Ireland and the party’s Brexit spokesman said a lot of Mrs May’s Conservative colleagues are doing their best to trip her up because they want to be a leader.

The senior who is one of the 10 Northern Irish MPs propping up the Prime Minister’s minority government claimed the PM was under pressure from opponents who want to oust her and Remain-backing MPs who want to reverse Brexit. She also has to deal with the strain of negotiating the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

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Mr Wilson warned Mrs May against an internal Tory battle to replace her and at the same time admired her for being “very resilient” in the face of such forces.

The DUP MP said the Prime Minister is working under, not just the pressure of the negotiations but more importantly the pressure within her own party. He added:

“you know a lot of them hate her because of the election result, a lot of them want to undermine her because they want to be a leader, a lot of them are doing their best to trip her up because they actually want to reverse the policy she is seeing through…I think she is very resilient having to face all that.”

Recently, Damian Green, the de facto deputy Prime Minister, and Julian Smith, the Chief Whip, met with DUP leaders as the Tories seek to strengthen links between the two allies.

Mr Wilson said the Conservative Party cannot afford to have another problem to deal with in the form of a leadership crisis. He added:

“Even the Anna Soubrys of this world would tolerate Theresa May, provided she doesn’t make a big blunder in their eyes.”

“They would not have the same tolerance for Boris Johnson.”

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