Emily Thornberry: Theresa May Lacks The Strength And Authority To Lead Party
Shadow Foreign Secretary accuses Theresa May of lacking 'strength or authority' to lead party

Emily Thornberry has said she thinks the UK is “heading for no deal” on Brexit, warning it would be a “serious threat for Britain.”

The Shadow Foreign Secretary said the Prime Minister, Theresa May, lacked the “strength or authority” to lead her party.

She accused Ms May of showing “intransigence” over the divorce bill.

“What we may be seeing is the Europeans trying to make it clear that it is not their fault that there are these difficulties,” Ms Thornberry told The Andrew Marr Show. “The intransigence does not come from their side, it comes from Theresa May’s side.”

She added: “I think the reality is the intransigence is on Theresa May’s side, because she doesn’t have the strength or the authority to be able to control her backbenchers, let alone her cabinet.

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“And I think we are heading for no deal. And I think that is a serious threat to Britain and it is not in Britain’s interest for that to happen. We will stop that.”

Ms May repeatedly dodged questions at a Brussels summit about how much the UK is ready to pay, insisting the size of a “full and final settlement” will not emerge until agreement is reached on all aspects of Brexit.

But the Prime Minister did not deny suggestions it could be “many more billions” than the €20bn indicated in her speech in Florence last month, leading Brexiteer Tories to renew their calls for a no deal withdrawal if the cost of an agreement is too high.

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