Ex-UK Foreign Secretary Says He Was Ditched Because He Was In Favour Of Dialogue With Hamas
Jack Straw says Saudi Arabia a threat to Lebanon

On Saturday, Jack Straw, Former British foreign secretary said that he was removed from his post in 2006 at the request of US administration of George W Bush.

During a Middle East Monitor’s conference in London, UK ex-foreign secretary said: “it best to accept the realities of groups like Lebanon’s Hizballah and Palestine’s Hamas”.

“Hizballah as a political force is a reality in the Lebanon,”

He added:

“I am unhappy about our boycotting of Hamas. I talked off the record to some journalists in Riyadh in early 2006 and said we ought to be talking to Hamas.”

In August of that year, Media reported that there was evidence Jack Straw was removed from his post at the request of the US government of George W Bush, but the reason was not clear at the time.

Straw said that he may have been removed from the post in Tony Blair’s government because he was in favour of dialogue with Hamas.

His post as foreign secretary came to an end after Hamas won Palestinian legislative elections in January 2006, sparking a US-led boycott of the Palestinian Authority, which Blair supported at the time.

Previously, Straw told British media outlets that:

“neo cons close to the then-US President George W Bush were never terribly keen on me and may have pressured Blair into firing me”

Straw also said Saudi Arabia could be a threat to stability in Lebanon warning calmer heads must prevail in the kingdom to prevent a broader crisis.

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