Far-Right Leader Boasts About Her “Special Relationship” With Donald Trump

A woman who president Donald Trump admired and retweeted her three unverified anti-Muslim videos was Jayda Fransen, a leader of the Far-Right British group.

Trump and Fransen’ dogmatic wrath on Twitter went out to more than 43 million of Trump followers. Fransen believes Trump approves her Islamophobia beliefs.

The Far-Right leader gleefully boasted that she now has a “special relationship” with the United States President in the extremist organisation’s secret annual conference yesterday.

Trump appeared to support the incitement of hatred and racism by attacking Muslim community. He spreads Far-Right’s dangerous and bias belief.

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Fransen spoke to an undercover Mail on Sunday reporter: “I think the special relationship may have broken down between May and Trump.” When asked whether she enjoys a special relationship with the President, she smiled: “Exactly.”

Paul Rimmer, who stands as a Britain First candidate in local elections next year, said they have got the President of the United States on their side. He claimed: “Trump’s re-tweeting of Ms Fransen’s videos was absolutely mind-blowing”.

“the President had found an ally in Fransen,” he added: “You couldn’t get a Hollywood director to put that together. You couldn’t get a novelist to write that.”

Britain Far-Right group was a marginal group with only 800 members. But Trump interference in Twitter threw the extremists into the public spotlight and now they boast of a massive injection of support.

Fransen’s boasting was smashed when only 70 delegates answered her call to attend the AGM general meeting at the Wyboston Lakes leisure centre complex in Little Barford, Bedfordshire.

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