Fifty Senior Tory Eurosceptics Openly Discuss How To Oust Theresa May; Report

Fifty Senior Tory Eurosceptics have openly discussed a plot of how and when to oust Theresa May, The Telegraph reported.

During a meeting in Westminster’s Thatcher room on Tuesday night, up to 50 members of the European Research Group (ERG) discussed “the timing of the confidence vote” in May if she did not ditch her Brexit Chequers plan.

“There’s a great deal of anxiety among colleagues in parliament,” former Brexit minister Steve Baker, who reportedly chaired the meeting, told AFP.

Baker claimed he was not involved in any leadership challenge, as another MP in the meeting said only five or six MPs openly discussed removing the Prime Minister, who formerly has vowed to fight any leadership challenge.

“Brexit in name only.” an anonymous MP who attended the meeting told The Telegraph: “If she won’t chuck Chequers then I’m afraid the party will chuck her.”

One source told the BBC that “people feel the leadership is out of touch and has lost the plot”, while another believed changing the PM “is a stupid idea now”.

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There was “an utter lack of dissent” in the room about the need to replace the PM, “They ran through the ‘how to’ options. It was not a question of ‘should do’,” sources said.

“There were 50 people present, openly discussing how to get rid of the PM and literally no one said ‘Oooh no, we mustn’t talk about that’,” they added.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan dismissed the report that he was in the meeting, saying: “You get 50 MPs of any political party together and you’re always going to get some that are going to start arguing the toss about ridiculous issues.”

He added: “All I would say to them is: Stop it, it’s just stupid. If you’ve got nothing better to do, go and find yourself some work, because that’s the best cure for stupid personality.”

Environment Secretary Michael Gove told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Wednesday that The Conservative MPS need to make sure there is unity in their party “behind the prime minister,”

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