“Focus On What I Do, Not What I Wear”; Melania Trump Says Over Colonial-Looking Clothes In Africa

United States’ First lady Melania Trump said people to focus on her work rather than her wardrobe, after being criticized for wearing a colonial-looking pith helmet in Africa.

Melania Trump who began her four-country tour of Africa on Oct. 1, said her trip was meant to send a message that “we care.”

“We care, and we want to show the world that we care, and I’ve partnered and am working with USAID. And that’s what I want to share, that we care,” she told reporters at her final stop in Egypt.

According to Associated Press, Melania also said, “I wish people would focus on what I do, not what I wear,” after a white pith helmet she wore drew ire and comparisons to British colonialism of Kenya. She offered no further details about why she chose to dress up in the costume of a colonial settler.

When asked about her husband, US president Trump’s Twitter habits, Melania replied, “I don’t always agree with what he tweets, and I tell him that. I give him my honest opinion and honest advice. Sometimes he listens, sometimes he doesn’t. I have my own voice and my opinions and it’s very important to me that I express how I feel.”

Asked whether she ever told her husband to put the phone away, she said, with a smile, “Yes!”

Speaking on a tour of Egypt, Melania also declared her support for the US Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, hours before the judge was confirmed to the supreme court by the Senate.

“I’m glad Dr. Ford was heard,” she told, refereeing to the woman who accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.  “I’m glad Judge Kavanaugh was heard, that the FBI investigation was done, completed, and that the Senate voted,” Melania added.

Asked if she believed the victim, the first lady replied, “I will move on that… I think we need to help all the victims .. I am against any kind of abuse or violence.”




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