Four British MPs are facing Sexual Abuse allegations
On Saturday, four politicians, two from Labour and two from the Conservative party have been accused of sexual abuse of young women.

Mr Corbyn and the Prime Minister came to act just after The Sun reported that female researchers and aides in Parliament are sharing their experiences of harassment and abuse in WhatsApp group.

“there is a warped and degrading culture where the abuse of women is accepted and normalised and is thriving in the corridors of power, including Westminster”. The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said condemning those who involved in the sexual harassment of women.

According to the Times, the married minister who involved is suspected of abusing several women including journalists and assistants. The other Conservative MP confessed to having had affairs with two young researchers in the past few years.

On the Labour side, an MP who has served in the shadow cabinet under Mr Corbyn is alleged to have texted a work experience colleague, suggesting there would have been sexual contact had he been younger. While another Labour MP sent multiple unsuitable texts “when drunk”, including to a researcher in her early twenties.

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Theresa May’ spokeswoman urged victims of sexual harassment and abuse to go to the police, said that the government was not aware of any allegations having been formally reported.

Recently, a BBC investigation found out that half of British women and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work or a place of study.

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