Gal Gadot Accused Of Working For Mossad By Lebanese Paper
Gadot was accused of being the “Mossad agent” who allegedly recruited Lebanese actor and director to spy for Israel

The Lebanese newspaper Al-Liwaa released a picture of Israeli actress when reporting on supposed spy who allegedly turned a Lebanese actor into an Israeli pawn.

On Monday, the daily Beirut newspaper used a picture of Gal Gadot to illustrate a story about Colette Vianfi, an alleged Israeli Mossad officer accused of recruiting Lebanese actor and playwright Ziad Itani as a spy.

Her photo was on the paper’s front page with the caption reads: “The officer of the Israeli Mossad, Collette Vianfi, who recruited Ziad Itani.”

On Friday night, Lebanon’s security services revealed that Itani was arrested on suspicion of spying for Israel and gathering information on political figures.

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On Saturday, Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar reported that Itani‘s involvement with Israel began when he was contacted on Facebook in 2014 by an “attractive woman,” 30 years old with black hair, white skin, and green eyes, who introduced herself as “Collette Vianfi.”

Gadot’s famous movie “Wonder Woman” was banned in Lebanon, it might explain the human error of Al-Liwaa’s editors, not having recognized her. She also played an ex-Mossad agent in one of the “The Fast and the Furious” movies.

Hours before the newspaper published its news, some social media users, especially WhatsApp shared the photo of Gadot, claiming she was the alleged agent Vianfi.

Later, the daily said the use of Gadot’s picture was the result of an “unintended technical error” and apologized for its use.

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