George Osborne Admits Brexit Referandum Was A Mistake And The Remain Was Doomed To Fail
British Conservative Party politician has admitted he knew Remain would lose the Brexit referendum while confessing that he was pessimistic about the result and did not want the landmark vote in the first place.

The former chancellor George Osborne, sacked by Theresa May when she became Prime Minister, said he could not have run to be the leader of the Tories and being Prime Minister after strongly campaigning to stay in the EU, partly because he would have had little enthusiasm for carrying out Brexit.

Osborne told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that he was always quite gloomy about the referendum and its outcome. “I had fought a couple of elections which we won, and I know what it’s like when you’re fighting a winning election.” He added:

“You essentially go around the country and you keep picking things up that confirm your view that it’s going your way.”

“I had the opposite experience with the referendum, I went around the country and I kept hearing from people I would assume wanted to stay in the EU that they wanted to leave, so I was pretty pessimistic.”

“There was quite a lot of nervousness when I sat down that night in Downing Street to watch the outcome of the referendum.”

“Sadly, as far I’m concerned, my fears were confirmed.”

Osborne added that he did not want to spend his “time and effort on a project that I didn’t believe in”.

“I was so strongly of the view that it was a mistake for Britain to leave the European Union that, when David Cameron resigned after the vote went the other way, I just didn’t think I was in any position to unite the Conservative Party, or indeed that I wanted to spend all my time and effort on a project that I didn’t believe in, which is taking Britain out of the EU,” Osborn said.

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Earlier this month, Osborne said most Conservative MPs want a new leader before the next election and that Mrs May has made a “huge mistake” in ignoring the 48% who voted Remain in the EU referendum.

Osborne who said the Tories were becoming anti-business and anti-immigrant, once warned that he would not rest until Theresa May was “chopped up in bags in my freezer”.


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