“Goodbye Jeremy Hunt”: People On Social Media Celebrate Hunt’s Departure From DHSC
Hunt’s departure was described as the “best birthday present” for the NHS birthday.

People on social media are celebrating the controversial Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt’s moving to the Foreign Office as the best “70th birthday present” for the NHS.

Following the announcement of Hunt’s replacement for Boris Johnson, NHS workers and other users flocked to social media to hail Hunt’s move to one of the most high-profile positions in government as the Prime Minister struggles to keep her Cabinet together.

“I know some staff haven’t found me the easiest Health Sec,” Hunt said, however, with a certain level of understatement, “it really was the greatest privilege of my life to serve for so many years.”

Former Culture Secretary Matt Hancock took over Hunt’s role at the Department of Health and Social Care in Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle.

“Jeremy Hunt is no longer the Health Secretary!!! Time to rejoice for all in the NHS…Ding Dong, the wicked witch is dead! OK, he is still around to callously destroy the Foreign Office – but let’s take the upsides for now,” said one Twitter user.

“Well goodbye Jeremy Hunt, I see you managed to sneak off leaving your mess behind you,” Royal family actor Ralph Little tweeted: “Following Big Dave Cameron’s lead eh? Hey there Matt Hancock, Good luck.”

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One user even mocked Hancock, joking he would be “out of his depth in a puddle if it ever rained again”, referring to the heatwave across the UK.

Comedian Adam Kay, poked fun at Hunt and tweeted: “May I be the first to congratulate Jeremy Hunt on his new job. The NHS could not have asked for a better birthday present.”

Kirran Ahmad, an NHS staff in London said the Daily Mail that everyone around him was “celebrating Hunt’s departure.”

The clinical psychologist, Steve Jones, also tweeted: “Happy 70th birthday NHS. Best. Birthday. Present. EVER.”

Maurice Smith wrote on Twitter: “Now Jeremy Hunt’s gone. What a great birthday for the NHS.”

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