“It Is Hard To Tie Down Exactly Where They Are”; Government Lost Track Of Hundreds Of British ISIS Fighters
some of the fighters are trying to get back to the UK

A “significant number” of British ISIS fighters have gone missing somewhere in the region and their whereabouts are unknown, security minister admitted.

Ben Wallace said around half the 850 who left the United Kingdom to travel to Iraq and Syria are now back in the UK while “about 15% to 20% have died”. He admitted many of those still in the region had disappeared while claiming that the ISIS fighters “went into a very hard part of Syria to reach”.

“What we do know is about half have come back to the United Kingdom of the original 850-odd that went out,” Wallace said: “About 15 per cent to 20 per cent we think have died out there either in military action [or by other means], and at the moment we are seeing in dribs and drabs some of them coming into Turkey.”

The minister continued: “Maybe some of them [are] trying to get back to us here, but there’s a significant number that at the moment it is hard to actually tie down exactly where they are.”

Wallace also said the government “spent millions” on anti-terror measures with the Turkish government to catch British extremists.

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Those British fighters who have already returned from Iraq and Syria are believed to be under intense scrutiny from police and MI5 while the defeat of ISIS has led to fears of massive reprisals.

After the ISIS-held cities of Raqqa in Syria and Mosul in northern Iraq were retaken late last year, the terrorists were sent into the desert while more than 300 among those are believed to be British, leading to fears among Western intelligence agencies that many are making the journey back to Europe to launch terrorist attacks at home.

British fighter “Jihadi John” Mohammed Emwazi appeared in the ISIS group’s horrific execution videos before was killed in a US airstrike earlier in 2015.

Recently, Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson vowed to destroy “evil and barbaric” ISIS in Iraq. “it was critical to UK security”, he added: “We won’t stop until their global network is destroyed.”

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