Human Rights Coalition Criticise Trump For Lack Of Diversity Among His Judicial Nominees
More than 91 per cent of Trump’s judicial nominees are White and nearly 77 percent are men.

Vanita Gupta, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights has highlighted the lack of diversity of President Trump’s judicial nominees during a forum held by the Congressional Black Caucus’ Judicial Nominations Working Group.

Gupta said Trump is trying to take over the federal courts by nominating young extremists who are either unqualified or unfit to serve impartially or both. She added: “Trump and his morally bankrupt agenda are failing in court. Rather than changing his agenda, he’s trying to remake the courts in his own image,”.

“His nominees are also the least diverse set of judicial nominees in decades. More than 91 percent of his nominees are White and nearly 77 percent are men. President Trump has only nominated two women of color. In fact, Trump has replaced at least 10 of Obama’s nominees of color with White nominees. Bringing diverse experiences and perspectives to the bench allows judges to make better informed decisions and increases public confidence in our justice system.” She added.

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President Trump is nominating judges at a much faster rate than his predecessors, and roughly, in the first year of his presidency, 90 percent of his nominees for the federal bench are white, a higher percentage of white judges than any president in 30 years. One nominee is African-American, one is Hispanic and four are Asian-American.

Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton said: “A president’s most lasting impact on the nation may is often the shaping of the federal bench, whose decisions are difficult to reverse,” she added: “The courts have been the most important institution for African Americans in gaining their rights in our country.  The CBC has an obligation to examine the federal judiciary in preparation for seeking changes from the Trump administration.”

During the forum, Sens. Cory Booker also said: “In the same way that we want the diversity on the Judiciary Committee in the Senate, even more, important than that is diversity among judges,”

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