I Would Like To See Jeremy In The Position Of PM; Gerry Adams Endorses Corbyn On Marr Show
Jeremy is an outstanding politician and I hope my endorsement of him is not used against him in the time ahead: the Sinn Féin leader said

The president of the Sinn Féin political party, Gerry Adams has backed “outstanding” Jeremy Corbyn to become prime minister at the next general election.

During an interview with BBC, Mr Adams made the comments as he enters his final week as president of the party he has led for almost 35 years.

He steps down next weekend after 50 years in politics and he will be replaced by Mary Lou McDonald.

Mr Adams praised the Labour Leader’s approach to negotiations in the early days of the Northern Ireland peace process. He also described Mr Corbyn as “outstanding” and added he hoped his endorsement was not “used against” the leader.

Previously, Mr Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell have faced criticism over their past dealings with Sinn Féin, including their decision to meet the party at Westminster in the 1990s, before the IRA ceasefire.

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“I would like to see Jeremy in that position (PM) for the benefit of people in Britain, leaving Ireland out of it.” Mr Adams said on the BBC One’s The Andrew Marr show.

“I think Jeremy is an outstanding politician and I hope my endorsement of him is not used against him in the time ahead,” he added.

“He and (former London Mayor) Ken Livingstone and others kept faith and they were the people who said, when others said no, talk.”

“They were the people who were open to conversation about how to deal with conflict and how to get conflict resolution processes.”

Mr Adams also repeated his party’s belief that Brexit will be disastrous for the island of Ireland.

He also said he told former prime minister Tony Blair not to invade Iraq in 2003.

“We said to him, look at the Irish experience, don’t go in there.” Mr Adams said.

“I would wish that no one had been killed or injured in the course of the conflict.”

“We were able to come to an alternative. When you come forward with an alternative, sensible people will embrace that alternative.”

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