“I Made Her, And I Can Break Her”: Gavin Williamson Threatens To Bring Theresa May Down
Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson has threatened Theresa May that if she did not commit the extra cash, then Tory MPs would vote down the next budget.

There was no immediate official confirmation of claims Mr Williamson has warned the prime minister that if she did not commit an extra £20bn for the Ministry of Defence, then he would vote down the next budget.

The Tory is said to have boasted about running the PM’s leadership campaign, telling a group of military leaders: “I made her – and I can break her.”

After Mr Williamson asked for more cash, saying he needed £2bn a year in funding for the armed forces , the PM questioned why the UK needed to remain in the “top tier of military power”.

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The former chief whip is said to bit back that after Brexit it was even more important to stay at the top table.

It came after Ms May announced this week that the NHS is to receive an extra £20bn a year.

Mr Williamson warned that there was significant backbench anger over the PM’s refusal to confirm the UK would remain a “tier one” military nation.

Conservative MPs have expressed concern both privately and publicly about the comments. “There is certainly a large cohort of backbench Tory MPs who were deeply concerned at the lack of backing for the UK remaining a ‘tier one’ nation,” one defence source said.

“It would be massively reassuring for the party and the military if she was to confirm it and use those terms.”

Mr Williamson’s demand for cash is backed by Julian Lewis, who chairs the powerful defence select committee.

He said: “There needs to be no political risk to the PM if she does the right thing.

“I’ve been in parliament 20 years and have never known such unanimity.” Mr Lewis added, “If the NHS can get £20bn extra the defence deserves that just to stand still.”

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