“I Will Probably Be Prime Minister By The End Of 2018”: Jeremy Corbyn Says

In a wide-ranging interview with Grazia magazine, the Labour leader has said he believes a new election will likely happen within the next 12 months and he will probably be prime minister by the end of 2018.

Jeremy Corbyn spoke of his musical tastes and style sense in the interview and declared: “I’m ready to be Prime Minister tomorrow.”

He also criticised some people of being “extremely irresponsible” in what they did, but he added that “we have to recognise it was the largest participation of people in an electoral process ever in Britain and they chose to leave”.

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Mr Corbyn also talked about the sexual harassment allegations rocking Westminster, saying he had not heard “many whispers” about sexual harassment but that he was “appalled” by the stories that had recently come to light. He added:

“I’m horrified and appalled by it all. I think sexism is a real challenge in society that needs to be dealt with.”

“The allegations are all investigated and dealt with as appropriate. We support the people making them as well as the people being alleged against.”

Mr Corbyn said: “I’m utterly determined all Labour Party events will be a safe place for women to go to.”

The leader believed he was on the verge of entering Number 10 in the next year as “there will probably be another election in the next 12 months”.

Last June at Glastonbury festival, Mr Corbyn told founder and organiser Michael Eavis he would be PM “by Christmas” and he would soon be moving into No 10.

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