Inspired By “Darkest Hour”, Donald Trump Wants To Visit Churchill’s WW II Bunker

President Donald Trump wants a private tour to visit the London underground bunker British prime minister Winston Churchill used during World War II to plot Adolf Hitler’s demise.

Inspired by the movie Darkest Hour, the US president has requested to visit the Churchill war rooms, the Sunday Times reported. The movie details Churchill’s early days as prime minister when Nazi Germany swept across Western Europe threatening to defeat the UK.

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Earlier in December, Trump recommended the movie to the Prime Minister Theresa May when the two leaders spoke on the phone, a White House insider said.

A source close to Trump’s administration told the Sunday Times: “He wants to visit the Churchill war rooms and is very inspired by Darkest Hour.”

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Trump, who is scheduled to visit the UK in early October has long been a fan of Churchill, and one of his first acts as the US president was to restore a bust of the former prime minister to the Oval Office.

He has recently canceled a visit to London to open the new US embassy. He complained that the Barack Obama’s administration got a “bad deal” when it sold the previous embassy, while the decision was made during the Bush administration.

According to The Sunday Times, plans for Trump’s visit are still in the early stages but British sources believe the bunker visit is “plausible.”

Trump told Theresa May that he would not visit the UK unless she could promise him a warm welcome, according to Bloomberg.

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